Progress Report: An In-depth look at Design Thinking!

Round Two Reframing is the practice to see current situations from a different perspective. This can also lead to newfound insight surrounding building a response to a problem, and through this new response, it can empower one to act and cultivate creative and critical thinking skills which are vital in the design thinking process. The... Continue Reading →

Reviewing Peer Pitches: The Mastery of Design Thinking!

Importance of Peer Reviews "Feedback is crucial for learning and improving, but it’s rarely fun to be on the receiving end of it when it’s critical." - Spencer Harrison, HBR, 2017 Feedback is of vital importance for the improvement and progression of one's ideas throughout the development cycle, and as Spencer Harrison (2017) highlights "we... Continue Reading →

Experience Learning Through Peer Reviewing

Introduction Over the course of my University degree, I have been exposed to the world of Peer-Review as a means of developing our skills in the analysis of others and our own work. This year we've been tasked with Peer-Reviewing fellow students in our #BCM325 Cohort's Digital Artifact Pitches. Throughout the peer-review process, it can... Continue Reading →

Peer Review & Self Reflection – BCM241 – Second Round!

Audio Version: This is the second round of peer reviews and self-reflection that we have had to complete during our BCM241 and BCM215 subjects. Through these Peer Reviews, it has been an eye-opening experience into how diverse our cohort is while being an enjoyable reading experience as they showcase how passionate they are about... Continue Reading →

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