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Beyond Empathy Volunteer Journey: Showcasing Real GRIT! #Contextual Report

What is my Digital Artefact and Who is 'Beyond Empathy' Over the course of the semester, in conjunction with my BCM302 - Digital Artefact, I have provided creative and marketing support to Beyond Empathy's GRIT Project as a volunteer through my degree at the University of Wollongong studying a Bachelor of Communication and Media. Beyond... Continue Reading →

Narrative Storytelling – Values, Change and The Future of Work #BCM313

As we come towards the end of my journey in the BCM313 - Future of Work subject, along with my overarching time here at the University of Wollongong, I was afforded the opportunity to interview a member of the Australian Public Service in a narrative conversation discussing the themes of professional values, change in the... Continue Reading →

Artificial Intelligence Implications: The Future of Digital Marketing

AUDIO LISTENERS Image Courtesy: Sketchify via (Illustrative People Doing Digital Marketing A WORLD OF MARKETING POTENTIAL "One of the most difficult things to predict about your operations is how to most effectively reach and engage with your target audience."ZOHAIB HASSSAN PATOLI, Forbes Council Member - Why Digital Marketing Is Important For Business Owners... Continue Reading →

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