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Beyond Empathy Volunteer Journey: Showcasing Real GRIT! #Contextual Report

What is my Digital Artefact and Who is 'Beyond Empathy' Over the course of the semester, in conjunction with my BCM302 - Digital Artefact, I have provided creative and marketing support to Beyond Empathy's GRIT Project as a volunteer through my degree at the University of Wollongong studying a Bachelor of Communication and Media. Beyond... Continue Reading →

Progress Report: An In-depth look at Design Thinking!

Round Two Reframing is the practice to see current situations from a different perspective. This can also lead to newfound insight surrounding building a response to a problem, and through this new response, it can empower one to act and cultivate creative and critical thinking skills which are vital in the design thinking process. The... Continue Reading →

Artificial Intelligence Implications: The Contextual Report

Artificial Intelligence Implications - Blog Series Pitch VIEW PITCH PRESENTATION BLOG Digital Artifact Links Twitter Account used to promote DA Reddit Account used to promote DA Blog Episode One - Artificial Intelligence Implications: The Future of Modern Wargaming! Blog Episode Two - Artificial Intelligence Implications: The Future of Formula One Blog Episode Three - Artificial Intelligence... Continue Reading →

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