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Artificial Intelligence Implications: The Future of Modern Wargaming!

AUDIO LISTENERS Image Courtesy of: Command: Modern Operations & Steam - Conflict, Research & Development, and Operations Research We live in a world of conflict, which has continuously been a major factor in the change of world order throughout human existence. Countries across the world continue to spend tens of billions of dollars... Continue Reading →

Live Tweeting: An Exert of Brain Training!

THE EXPERIENCE OF LIVE-TWEETING Throughout my time completing my University Degree, over the last three years I have been operating a Twitter account where I have bear witnessed the concept of Live-Tweeting mainly surrounding sports like Formula One and Football. However, over that period I have never actually engaged with the experience so going into... Continue Reading →

Experience Learning Through Peer Reviewing

Introduction Over the course of my University degree, I have been exposed to the world of Peer-Review as a means of developing our skills in the analysis of others and our own work. This year we've been tasked with Peer-Reviewing fellow students in our #BCM325 Cohort's Digital Artifact Pitches. Throughout the peer-review process, it can... Continue Reading →

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