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Bastions of the Fleet – Building_On_Pitch_Presentation #BCM300

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT!?! VIEW PITCH PRESENTATION BLOG Game Narrative & Story World! Bastions of the Fleet ArtWork- In a Retro and Synthwave Vinyl Sleeve "Theme is what will draw people to your game initially, and hook them throughout."Benjamin Kocher, - The Importance of Theme in Board Games Bastions of the Fleet takes... Continue Reading →

Bastions of the Fleet – Game_Pitch #BCM300

Game Design Pitch Video VIEW PRESENTATION SLIDES Abstraction Within Bastions of the Fleet, Abstraction is one of the many tools within my toolbox which can help reduce the overall workload required in regards to the creation of assets for my game design process. When I landed on the task of designing unit tokens for... Continue Reading →

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