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Sim Racing Media Niche – Autoethnographic Research Report

Sim Racing Background In my first blog for this semester, I introduced my scheme for my media niche which I would be investigating, this being Sim Racing. With COVID-19 Policies coming into effect during 2020, Sim Racing has "thrived as the cancellation of real motorsport events prompted a growth in the following of virtual events... Continue Reading →

The Sim Racing genre Experience! Video of me creating a custom livery in Assetto Corsa Competizione! Sim Racing comes in many different packages with a wide range of experiences available at your fingertips, while also ranging in the level of difficulty. Over the last year, with lockdown knocking at our door, I searched out for different game genres that... Continue Reading →

Peer Review & Self Reflection – BCM241 – Second Round!

Audio Version: This is the second round of peer reviews and self-reflection that we have had to complete during our BCM241 and BCM215 subjects. Through these Peer Reviews, it has been an eye-opening experience into how diverse our cohort is while being an enjoyable reading experience as they showcase how passionate they are about... Continue Reading →

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