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BCM215 – Contextual Report – Road to Pred Series

Welcome to my final blog for BCM215 - Game Media Industries, over the course of the semester, I have been creating a Digital Artefact and documenting not only my experience within the game media text of Apex Legends but also building on my research and development of my analytical framework that I have used to... Continue Reading →

Episode 3: Road to Pred – Breaking the Diamond Hello, and welcome to the final episode of my Road to Pred series, which follows my journey through the second rank split of season 10 of Apex Legends! I hope you have enjoyed the series so far, as I document the ins and outs of my journey through the competitive ranked ladder detailing the... Continue Reading →

Peer Review & Self Reflection – BCM215 – Second Round!

Audio Version: This is the second round of peer review, and self reflection that we have had to complete during the BCM215 and BCM241 subjects. This experience has been an eye opening one, as entire cohort of students explore their own unique taste in game media which has been a satisfying to watch. This... Continue Reading →

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