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BCM212 -Understanding Research Practice was one of the hardest subjects I think I’ve done so far in uni, and so as a result I think I’ve done pretty good considering the circumstances. Obviously, I’ve made my fair share of silly mistakes throughout the process but with saying that I think my final assignment for the... Continue Reading →

BCM 212 – Research Project (Warning LOUD) (I suggest opening it in Spotify)This is a very nice album to listen to while reading my Opinion Piece It's extremely soothing for me personally. Opinion Piece About 86 percent of 30 students in the BCM212 cohort that participated in my survey stated that listening to music while they studied was commonplace... Continue Reading →

Research proposal – BCM212

Thesis Title "Does listening to music have any influence on how productive students are while studying?" Introduction: Firstly, at the bottom of the page you'll find the lofi hip hop radio channel, let's have a little experiment. Try reading this post while listening to that YouTube channel at a low background volume and see in... Continue Reading →

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