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Collective Intelligence And Networked Participation

Networked Participation and Collective Intelligence is a fundamental experience seen all throughout our social media platforms. From Twitter, Twitch, Facebook, Youtube, Reddit and many like them they all share a common practice, User participation. Without this fundamental component all of these social media outlets would be not be as successful or even around for today... Continue Reading →

Media Ownership

Media ownership is a very important topic due to its impacts may they be negative or positive on the individual consumer of that media. In today's digital age media is often consumed heavily over the internet through websites like Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram. We often as consumers actively consume this media without the repercussions... Continue Reading →

Digital Artifact

Hey Guys! I'm back with an introduction to my Digital Artifact. From a young age I've been interested in coding, visual effects, etc and it's my life goal to get a job that involves one of them may it be game production, advertisement, film, etc. Attached is my YouTube introduction to my Digital Artifact. TL:... Continue Reading →

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