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Responding to the Trials & Tribulations of Digital Community Volunteering!

Since 2019, I have been active within an online community as a content moderator, tasked with responding to reports, questions, or concerns, along with managing the communication channels to ensure that the rules are being upheld whether that be internal or external Terms of Service. I have progressed to the senior moderator level, whereby, I... Continue Reading →

Reviewing Peer Pitches: The Mastery of Design Thinking!

Importance of Peer Reviews "Feedback is crucial for learning and improving, but it’s rarely fun to be on the receiving end of it when it’s critical." - Spencer Harrison, HBR, 2017 Feedback is of vital importance for the improvement and progression of one's ideas throughout the development cycle, and as Spencer Harrison (2017) highlights "we... Continue Reading →

Content Production Lead – My commitments to DAC and GRIT!

Pitch Video (MUST WATCH BEFORE) VIEW PRESENTATION SLIDES Digital Artefact Collection Additional Insight Our Team behind the Digital Artefact Collection Project has been hard at work within our discord, defining, developing and ideating all of the project's necessary components from the name, audiences, aesthetics, website hosts, and social media platforms. We have decided that... Continue Reading →

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