Content Production Lead – My commitments to DAC and GRIT!

Pitch Video (MUST WATCH BEFORE) VIEW PRESENTATION SLIDES Digital Artefact Collection Additional Insight Our Team behind the Digital Artefact Collection Project has been hard at work within our discord, defining, developing and ideating all of the project's necessary components from the name, audiences, aesthetics, website hosts, and social media platforms. We have decided that... Continue Reading →

Diagnosing & Self Reflection of My Unique Skills #BCM 313

Hello, and welcome to a short blog in which I'm tasked with identifying and explaining skills that may or may not be unique to me. Firstly, If this is your first time coming across my blog or me as a person, I'm Jacob Suter, a 22-year-old from the Far South Coast of Australia home of... Continue Reading →

Artificial Intelligence Implications: The Contextual Report

Artificial Intelligence Implications - Blog Series Pitch VIEW PITCH PRESENTATION BLOG Digital Artifact Links Twitter Account used to promote DA Reddit Account used to promote DA Blog Episode One - Artificial Intelligence Implications: The Future of Modern Wargaming! Blog Episode Two - Artificial Intelligence Implications: The Future of Formula One Blog Episode Three - Artificial Intelligence... Continue Reading →

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