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My name is Jacob Suter, and I am a second-year university student currently studying for a degree in Communication & Media. (Previously a double degree in C&M and Computer Science) This blog is the home for all my university work over the years, and will hopefully provide you with a deeper view into who I am, compared to the TL:DR version presented here! During my downtime, my hobbies include, editing videos, creating textures for games like Arma 3, Assetto Corsa Competizione, and racing games alike, when not on the computer I like to skate, read books, and spend time with my friends and family. I recent years, I have gained a massive love for racing in particular Formula One (F1) and the Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters (DTM) along with home sport the V8 Supercars.


In the second half of 2019, I was diagnosed with a chronic illness called Ulcerative Colitis a type of inflammatory bowel disease which has drastically changed my life, when it was combined with the Australian Bushfires of 2019/2020 and the Covid-19 lockdown. Ever since this diagnosis, I personally have not been in the best place, struggling with anxiety, depression, and loneliness which changed me for the worse. After experiencing a period of debilitating anxiety, and panic attacks during the mid-semester break, I discovered a book named Dare: the new way to end anxiety and stop panic attacks by Barry McDonagh after I had started getting counselling, and was considering medication. This book changed my outlook on life, providing me with not only a new way to handle my anxious thoughts and feelings, but also exposing me to many different philosophies. One, in particular, being ‘Kintsugi‘ which is the Japanese art of putting broken pottery pieces back together with gold, which makes it even stronger than how it was before, it explores the idea that by embracing our flaws and imperfections, you can create an even stronger more beautiful version of ourselves.

Ever since, discovering McDonagh’s book, I have dedicated my life to improving myself first by looking after my health as much as I can by getting fitness training, a dietitian plan, and making sure I surround myself with people who can help me get back on my feet when I can no longer take it.


My motto is “that life is too short, so make the most of it”, we only have so much time on this earth to experience everything we want in our lives, and all too often it can be snatched away from us by many different causes, and I’ve seen it in not only my family but others around me. Therefore, I have chosen to go to university to explore a career where I get to do work with my hobbies, may it be content creation in visual effects and films, or working in sports media production or marketing. Lastly, my final aim for life is to help others succeed in life, I am never going to be a doctor, a dentist, a counsellor or physiologist, but what I will hopefully be able to do with my degree is to help promote, and inspire people to do greater things, and bring exposure to these individuals.


Marketing | Promotion: Companies like Red Bull, Adidas, Nike, Disney, Marvel, and Lucas films all have similar attributes between them being to inspire, and promote. These companies give people the opportunity to achieve great things, may they be a soccer player, a gamer, a content creator or a skateboarder, by providing the support, equipment, and exposure needed to be successful in these areas of life. While giving people the inspiration that one day, they can achieve greatness and leave a positive impact on the world. These companies are my goals in life to end up working with, as they are often involved in my of my hobbies while it will provide me with the opportunity to promote and inspire people from around the world.

Film | Editing | Content Creation: My introduction into my content creation hobby was gained through creators like KinglesPringles, GAM-Movies and CallMehTOMMEH who have created amazing short films which combine skills in scripting and coding and Visual Effects and Computer-generated imagery. But with this, I’ve also gained a large inspiration from larger organisations like BLUR studios who have won awards in Visual Effects working alongside companies like Electronic Arts, Netflix, Toshiba, Intel, HBO and many more.


I’m looking forward to the future, my life has taken many different twists and turns and it is nowhere near a finished book with many chapters still unwritten. I visited a dark in the 2019-2021 Covid-19 chapter, and I’m slowly working my way out towards the light, I am nowhere near finished but I will get there, with the support of my friends, family, my doctors, specialist, and community health team. So here’s to the future, and I hope you stick around and follow my journey through life and maybe you can learn a thing or two from what I explore in my content that I post!



Last Update: 27/07/2021

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