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Progress Report: An In-depth look at Design Thinking!

Round Two

Reframing is the practice to see current situations from a different perspective. This can also lead to newfound insight surrounding building a response to a problem, and through this new response, it can empower one to act and cultivate creative and critical thinking skills which are vital in the design thinking process.

Over the last 6 weeks, I have followed both Jacob and Aleksandar’s progress as they complete a Digital Artefact for BCM302 – Advanced Digital Artefact. Through the process of design thinking, both Jacob and Aleksandar’s DAs have moved into the design thinking model’s ideating and prototyping phases as they complete Digital Media and Marketing work for personal social media or other students’/clients Digital Artefacts.

Jacob Huisman – MNM HUB & Creative Service Team

Jacob Huisman has been at hard work creating content for his MNM Hub in which he has been following along with his planned DA concept by uploading multiple videos to his YouTube channel, along with producing and sharing his own music called “Time to Myself” and “Self Doubt”. Jacob’s commitment to his Digital Artefact Concept throughout not only this semester but over the course of his university career has provided not only significant growth to his social media channels but also a showcase of his ability to produce high-quality engaging digital media.

Jacob has hinted at the fact that he has had the opportunity to work on some outsourced work for clients through The Digital Memo or Creative Service Team, through a tweet posted this afternoon. However, he had not attached any evidence or link to the video showcasing his behind-the-scenes work showcasing his design thinking methodology or participation in collaboration in completing client work.

Jacob’s personal MNM Hub’s social utility is built solely around creating a source of engaging and entertaining content for his audience of fans that are within the niche of rap music with artists like Eminem. Jacob’s role within the Creative Service Team allows him to widen the scope of his Digital Artefact’s social utility by providing services and his skill set to support students struggling with tasks aligned with their own Digital Artefacts!

Project Progress Suggestions

Moving into the last few weeks of the semester, I’d love Jacob to expand upon his role within the Creative Service Team, Jacob has consistently shown great results in all areas of his personal MNMHUB, but I believe it is vital for him to showcase his ability to create digital media within the collaborative landscape whereby, he might have to create content outside of his scope of his tried and tested rapper reacts and gameplays genres. With Jacob previously mentioning he has had a client through the Creative Service Team, he could continue following the Design Thinking Model thinking process into the testing phase, to which they can iterate fixes that may have been identified through an external and internal feedback loop.

Jacob could also include behind-the-scenes content from his experience working on client projects, and publish them on short-form content platforms like TikTok, and Instagram, which could help boost his project’s social utility and help him develop a portfolio of work across multiple social media platforms.

Aleksandar Veselinovic – Creative Service Team & Portfolio Building

Aleksandar Veselinovic’s Digital Artefact has unfortunately been on a slow start due to the lack of engagement that the Creative Service Team has seen with direct relation to the services he provides. However, last week Aleksandar got his break when a fellow student Annesha contracted him to develop a marketing strategy for her personal DA, which has come out extremely well and showcases that when provided the opportunity he is able to execute his Digital Artefact’s Concept and Methodology.

Aleksandar’s project has a strong potential in terms of social utility in terms of providing services, and I look forward to seeing the results of his marketing strategy and the impacts it will have on Annesha’s Digital Artefact. I’d love to see Aleksandar receive more opportunities in the coming weeks, therefore, it will be important for him to rather than expect individuals to come to him through the Creative Service Team, He should contact those close around him within UOW or outside the school within industries and genres, he is particularly interested as he wants to use this Digital Artefact towards building his portfolio.

Project Progress Suggestions

As previously discussed, Aleksandar needs to reframe the problem he is having, by doing this he can see that the issue can be rectified by rather than waiting for clients he can start seeking out new clients. Aleksandar is extremely talented when it comes to the services he provides, it could also be a possible route if he shares some of his personal work across the Digital Memo social media channels to showcase his work which could help attract new clients within the BCM Community.


The process of providing and receiving feedback is a critical skill required in all aspects of our professional and personal lives, and this learning method is vital in shedding light on performance, may it be strengths and weaknesses, along with building up confidence and team collaboration.

I look forward to what Jacob and Aleksandar can put together in the last few weeks of the semester, and I hope they and the wider audience of readers take away a new perspective on completing tasks, problem-solving, and reframing.


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