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Content Production Lead – My commitments to DAC and GRIT!


Digital Artefact Collection Additional Insight

Our Team behind the Digital Artefact Collection Project has been hard at work within our discord, defining, developing and ideating all of the project’s necessary components from the name, audiences, aesthetics, website hosts, and social media platforms. We have decided that we will be dividing up the project into sub-sections with unique names that highlight each service we will provide with DA Centre as the main overarching project, DA Collection as the website which keeps all the DAs stored, and the DA Collaboration/Insider which is the showcase and marketing of students’ Digital Artefacts.

Beyond Empathy’s Grit Project is currently in the discovery and define stage as the process for onboarding requires a lot of backend maintenance so I have put a larger emphasis on the Digital Artefact Collection as it has been more accessible to develop during these early weeks of the semester

Source: Dan Nessler, Willemien Brand

Digital Artefact Collection | MOODBOARD

Mood boards are a valuable tool during the defining stage of a project and as Syrup Marketing Staff highlights, it provides “Clarity, Intention, and Direction”, which is valuable in creating the aesthetic and feel of the Digital Artefact. This mood board is one of many we have created to showcase alternative design theories behind the Digital Artefact Collection, in particular, minimalism and as Sobia Hameed suggests “Minimalism forces the designer to use only essential and effective elements. Additionally, this form of design typically results in a number of benefits in user experience.” Therefore, being accessible across multiple platforms, and keeping time into consideration, it has played a major role in our decision-making and design process.

Identification and Analysis of Audiences

For the Digital Artefact Collection, our audience covers a wide diversity of groups as a means of widening the social utility of the project and its longevity as a valuable resource for future students. Here is a breakdown of our core audience groups:

  • Current Students: For current students, we want to provide a resource with which they find other DAs to collaborate and as a tool to market their DA to a wider audience through the DA Insider.
  • Future Students: We want to create a valuable hub that showcases the talent that UOW has and the endless possibilities that the creative freedom of BCM and Digital Artefacts can provide for them.
  • UOW Staff: We value educators and want to be able to showcase and provide excellent talent not only in the BCM field but wider UOW community insight into our degree’s skills and all for the curation for cross-degree collaboration!
  • Scouts & Employers: We want to create a storage and showcase of the talent that UOW can provide as a means of gaining more eyes and potential employers that may be looking to hire new graduates or interns in communication and marketing roles!

Digital Artefact Collection | AUDIENCE PERSONA

Jon Simpson, a member of the Forbes Council notes “A persona can have a great impact on your marketing strategy.” as a method of identifying different factors that influence them from age demographics, economic situation, social media activity, lifestyle, and aspirations and fears. Therefore, I have developed a persona which highlights some of the points for our main target audience for the DAC project which is a first-year university student living with family.

Gathering that Valuable Resource of Feedback

Feedback will come from multiple stakeholders for the project including teaching staff, students, and the public, as Bob Dignen reinforces “Feedback is a way to keep learning” and is valuable for improving our work as all feedback can provide us with new unconsidered insight and help push the project into the unseen territory of success!

Thanks for reading and if you’d like to have your DA showcased, feel free to reach out to us via our socials!

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