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Diagnosing & Self Reflection of My Unique Skills #BCM 313

Hello, and welcome to a short blog in which I’m tasked with identifying and explaining skills that may or may not be unique to me. Firstly, If this is your first time coming across my blog or me as a person, I’m Jacob Suter, a 22-year-old from the Far South Coast of Australia home of the Yuin People. My Aboriginal side of my Family originates from Lithgow as part of the Wiradjuri tribe, and I take great pride in my family’s origins and hope to explore, discover and carry on my family’s traditions going forward.

Fostered Skills

I’m not sure if fostered skills is the correct term, however, it sounds right, so we will roll with it. When looking to find a skill that I lean heavily on in life I had to look to my past around the end of 2019, which was a dark time of my life whereby I was in my first year of University and was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis an incurable inflammatory bowel disease. During this time, one person I looked up to was the great Senior Professor Sue Turnbull who not only was an extremely helpful hand in navigating university procedures during my diagnosis period but was also the individual who conducted my University early entry interview in 2018! During, the period of my diagnosis Sue made the observation and highlighted how resilient I was during my trials and tribulations of life, and even though I have continued to be dealt with difficulties in relation to my own and family health complications, I have repeatedly been able to overcome such adversity and “succeed in life” as I personally like to see my current situation all things considered.

Video Courtesy of: AXA – Global HealthCare via

Personal Skills

In the last year, I have committed 500 hours of my time to learning full-fidelity aircraft like F/A 18C, F-14B TOMCAT, and AH-64D in Digital Combat Simulator. Even though this skill of becoming proficient at simulated digital military aircraft isn’t something that will be majorly impactful in a career focus aspect it has given me valuable insight into the concepts like radars, aerodynamics, BFM, BVR, WVR, and general dynamics of flight, some of which I hope to apply if/when I get a pilot license later down the track. (if I’m medically fit to do so not sure if UC is automatically disqualifying) Thanks for taking a close glimpse into my world with me, and what I’ve been really enjoying in my free time! Feel free to let me know in the comments below if you’d like me to explore DCS in the future or if you’re interested in anything else I’ve discussed here today!


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