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Artificial Intelligence Implications: The Contextual Report

Artificial Intelligence Implications – Blog Series Pitch

Digital Artifact Links

Approaching and Overcoming the Future Cultures DA Challenge

My Digital Artifact of researching and presenting my findings surrounding the implications of Artificial Intelligence on specific industries was grounded from the offset to tackle the Future Culture challenge as a means of providing valuable insight into a Futurist perspective of understanding the past, and interpreting the present to build an image of the future for my audience to consume, while also make their own interpretations of the implications discussed.

Educate, Encourage and Cultivate Future Planning from my Digital Artifacts conception was vitality important to my overall goal for my content produced.

Important Research Discovered

Through my pitch blog and pitch video, I presented some examples of relevant sources from a range of news, academic and scholarly sources, which looked at Artificial Intelligence from an isolated standpoint, through my continued research throughout the semester surrounding the topics of Wargaming, Digital Marketing, and Motorsports, I was afforded the opportunity to gain a greater insight into the field and future of AI.

Drawing on Future Culture Concepts and Ideas

Important concepts for the development of the Digital Artifact and key research topics were Operations Research, Epochs, Future Thinking, Wendell Bells’ Multiple Future, and most obviously Artificial Intelligence. Through the different topics being discussed, It required me to explore a multitude of Future Culture Concepts as a means of interpreting the different industries and the implications of Artificial Intelligence, and what the future has in store for them.

Engaging with my Audience and Social Utility

Through the process of the production of my Digital Artifact, I have seen a decent amount of success with my overall reach and conversion rates in bringing people to my blog over the session. Pulling in users across the globe through my adoption of both Reddit and Twitter Hashtags, I was able to find people interested in this topic and even was invited to join a machine learning news Reddit! However, with this success came the limitations surrounding engagement with my content once they reached my Website or Soundcloud. Through this, I was able to identify that the social utility aspect was factual and I could create discussions surrounding these topics in the future, I just need to create a call-to-action to get users engaging more with creating potential discussion across Reddit, Twitter, and my Website as a means of encouraging, and cultivating future planning!

Digital Artifact Production Timeline Refinement

Over the course of the semester, the scope and process in which I conducted my Digital Artifact drastically changed with the unforeseen time constraints of working with 3rd Year Marketing courses with real clients, and as such, I had to take a 3-week hiatus in the middle of the semester to deal with those complications along with some health-related commitments. Two major changes that occurred were the decision to remove both my fourth episode and the video component of my DA. Removing these additional content posts reduced a large amount of stress and helped me put more effort into not only my three main DA posts but also my other university commitments throughout the middle of the semester.

Responding to Peer Feedback!

Bonnie and Aleksandar both provided extremely valuable feedback on my pitch, which gave me important concepts to reconsider. The most pressing concern they both raised was that I was spreading myself too thin, as a result, I have continually cut down my content as a means of creating higher quality content versus a mass quantity. Aleks also raised a great point surrounding graphics, which I took on board in form of Twitter content that was showcased earlier. One feedback I decided to ignore was that of focusing only on one industry for example Wargaming, the reason for ignoring this touchpoint was that I felt each industry is limited in research, and scope as such rather than getting bogged down, I would rather have the freedom to explore more sources and industries to build a better understanding of the Future Culture concepts.

Final Digital Artifact Thoughts

I am truly happy with the outcome of this digital Artifact and feel like I have effectively achieved what I had planned for it being to Educate, Encourage, and Cultivate future planning. It has also showcased that there is a social utility for this type of content and if I was to continue to create this type of focused content I would rather adjust my focus away from the blog series. Rather I could focus on content creation similar to VOX or Johnny Harris’ short films focusing on current trending topics and how they’ll impact the future. For Example, “What could be the implications of the Ukraine War on Future Cultures”. For now, the Digital Artifact has come to its end, but as we have learned the possible Futures are endless and we could once again see its return.

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