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Live Tweeting: The Romance of Engagement in the Future Cultures


Welcome to the second blog post in which I complete a self-reflection of my experience live-tweeting through that of the #BCM325 Future Cultures, You can find my first blog: HERE. As a quick reminder for those joining after my first blog, Live Tweeting is the process of “sending a series of tweets during any particular event where you are a host or participant.” (PromoRepublic, 2022) and can be an extremely important tool for anybody working in the fields of Digital Marketing, Digital Social Media, and Communication as a whole through its ability to increase “social media engagement, expand your network, build brand awareness and position you as an industry authority.”(Capala, M, 2014)

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This blog will focus on my overall participation over the second half of the movie viewing during the semester, through the medium of engagement with our course material, along with the key themes brought on by the movies and My Digital Artifact. Accompanying this, I will be conducting a self-reflection on my involvement in the live-tweeting and drawing on what I successfully achieved and how I can do a better job when/if I ever conduct this process again!

Improvement One: Involvement in Course Material

One of the most important improvements for my Live-tweeting experience was incorporating more of the course topics into each round of tweets as a means of developing a deeper understanding of what these concepts like Artificial Intelligence, Futurists, Operation Research, Epochs truly mean from the perspective of the alternative image of the future that each movie was bringing to the table. This helped me build a wide range of important touchpoints that I could look back on as I continued to expand my knowledge and understanding of the core Future Cultures content and additional readings week by week.

Besides doing my own research for the films and Future culture concepts, it was important to engage with the additional readings provided in conjunction with the Live Lectures, to build a deeper understanding from a more academic and field expert perspective.

Improvement Two: Wider Diversity in Media Posts

In my first blog, I discussed the incorporation of different types of media in my posts, as I was really only posting images from the film accompanied by some writing. This was fine but extremely limiting in creativity and expression, as such I wanted to focus on incorporating different variations of graphics to help break up the tweets and grow diversity throughout.

With this, it includes the usual meme placed throughout my live-tweeting as a means of creating some engagement with not only the #BCM325 Cohort but also people outside the hashtags within the fandoms of the movies we’re viewing or that I make reference to.

Improvement Three: Improved Preparations

As suggested in my feedback for my first blog post, I wanted to improve my overall preparation for the coming tweet session as a means of being able to achieve the next improvement discussed by also affording me with the opportunity to create my previously discussed graphics, and cut down a lot of the stress that live-tweeting has when trying to meet the course requirements but also create engaging content. As a result, I focused on creating roughly 8-10 tweets before coming to class which turned out to be extremely successful!

Through this early preparation, I was also provided with the ability to create jokey and timely tweets that I missed throughout my preparation, which gave me the opportunity to expand my understanding of concepts, and themes that I had missed from the course content and film.

Improvement Four: Creating & Engaging in Conversation

During this round of live-tweeting, with the additional spare time thanks to preparing tweets, I was able to boost my overall engagement with other students like Bonnie @ItsBonnieMaree, Alana @im_alana_, and Maddy @maddyhawkinsss. Through this engagement, I was able to share my own personal insight while gaining an alternative perspective of core concepts and ideas.

Improvement Five: Creating the Live Tweeting Workflow

Finally, to make sure all of the aforementioned improvements could work properly, I stressed the importance of creating a new workflow. This took place by adopting Tweet Deck and picking up a second monitor, through this I was able to watch the film and minimize all the distractions that came with trying to manage the process of watching the film, doing research, and live-tweeting all on one monitor.

Self Reflection

Final Thoughts:

Live Tweeting has been an extremely enjoyable experience throughout this semester and has given me some valuable insight into not only my DA but the concepts of Future Cultures as a whole. It has also provided me with the valuable tool for adopting a futurist mindset which will make how I approach life a much more meaningful and insightful one, Thanks for reading!

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