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Artificial Intelligence Implications: The Future of Digital Marketing


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“One of the most difficult things to predict about your operations is how to most effectively reach and engage with your target audience.”

ZOHAIB HASSSAN PATOLI, Forbes Council Member – Why Digital Marketing Is Important For Business Owners

Lucy Alexander from Hubspot (2022) notes that Digital Marketing “refers to all marketing efforts that occur on the internet” and through the use of search engines, emails, websites, and Social Media platforms, companies are able to generate a digital presence in which they can build brand recognition, and preference with their target audience along will position themselves to engage in influencer marketing. Throughout the last decade, global internet users have risen to 53% of the Global Population, or 5 billion in 2021 and of this the developed world sees 86.6% of 2019 being users of the internet.

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These facts alone highlight the importance of this form of marketing on its own as we continue to see a dramatic shift away from traditional TV, Radio, and Print media as Generation X, Y, and Z all continue to adapt to the new technological advancements of the 21st century. Therefore, marketers look toward Digital Marketing as a means for a large majority of their marketing activities along with building relationships with their consumers to gain actionable and measurable insight into the behavior of these consumers to hopefully make conversions on the company’s goods or services.


The world of Digital Marketing can be extremely time-consuming as marketers must continuously manage analytics, advertising campaigns, customer engagement, and sentiments, along with working with SEO to position the company in the best possible position within the Digitial landscape against their competitors. Companies devote a large portion of their marketing time to these jobs which as a result, can hinder the overall effectiveness and potential scope of campaigns as they must take into consideration the fundamental time consumption associated with background research and long-term management of Digital Market activities.

This highlights the importance of the application of advancing technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, as discussed in my previous blog, AI will be able to provide an extremely valuable resource of mass data in such a data-rich environment like Digital Marketing.


Academics argue around the classification of our epoch being that of either the Holocene which took place after the last ice age 11,000 years ago or the Anthropocene which began during the mid-20th century which denotes the period in which we have caused some of the most harm to mother earth. Artificial Intelligence will rapidly improve our response to the harmful repercussions, and through my examination of Artificial Intelligence over my blog series, I truly believe that Artificial Intelligence will be a saving grace of technology as we are able to accurately and quickly respond to a dynamic landscape in all fields may it be Digital Marketing, and Formula One or saving lives in Hospitals or, directing the planetary defense from incoming extinction-level events.

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Artificial Intelligence in fields like Digitial Marketing will act as a testing ground for its application in wider global industries. Over the next 5, 10, and 50 years we will see a major shift in how Digital Marketing is conducted and the benefits that will come from it. From the likes of better targetting of key markets as well as AI-directed content marketing which can allow businesses to more accurately create content that their customers want to see.

As we continue to witness a shift online, Digital Marketing will continue to grow as the largest expanding market of potential reach, and Artificial Intelligence will play an influential role in managing Search Engine Optimisation, along with the management and diagnosis of Analytics and big data, companies will be able quickly to respond to actionable insight without having to employ much critical thinking and Analytical insight. The Collaboration of IoT, AI, and Digitial Marketing will drastically change our future, and how companies interact with consumers, therefore it will be an important technology to continue to look for to outsource or teach through machine learning to improve all efficiency of our society of 5, 10 or 50 years into the future!

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