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Live Tweeting: An Exert of Brain Training!


Throughout my time completing my University Degree, over the last three years I have been operating a Twitter account where I have bear witnessed the concept of Live-Tweeting mainly surrounding sports like Formula One and Football. However, over that period I have never actually engaged with the experience so going into #BCM325 Future Cultures and engaging with science fiction films that portray an example of the future was going to be an uphill battle.

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Before partaking in the live-tweeting and screening of the week’s movie, I would brainstorm potential tweets are doing some background research on the film, and the weekly course material. I aimed this period of time around writing notes, conducting some additional readings of academic and popular sources, and reading over reviews. It was important not to “schedule unless absolutely necessary” (Keenan, 2020) as a way of making my tweets feel more “authentic” and timely in accordance with the live screening.


The concept of Operations Research from the fourth lecture has been the most immersing topic being explored in the recent films and considering my previous experience with Combat Simulators like DCS: World and Arma Franchise, I have naturally moved towards exploring this concept in my recent live-tweeting.


Throughout the screenings, I have noticed a trend of the imbalance of wealth that plagues our probable futures. Scenes of these cyberpunk futures showcase a backdrop of a utopian city, with the foreground and main set pieces taking place in a rundown almost modern dystopian environment.


Throughout the live-tweeting experiences, I have also engaged with current popular culture through memes, to target not only our #BCM325 Cohort but also the wider science-fiction community.


A substantial component of live-tweeting in regards to BCM325 is that of engaging in discussion with other students. Through this process, I attempted to discuss a wide range of topics that other students had raised and through my comments would attempt to expand or provide a different perspective of the concept being discussed.



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