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Experience Learning Through Peer Reviewing


Over the course of my University degree, I have been exposed to the world of Peer-Review as a means of developing our skills in the analysis of others and our own work. This year we’ve been tasked with Peer-Reviewing fellow students in our #BCM325 Cohort’s Digital Artifact Pitches.

Throughout the peer-review process, it can provide us with valuable information about other students’ DAs and areas of interest like Graphic Design, Sports, and Science-Fiction as we conduct our own research into the concepts to be able to build a constructive and valuable piece of feedback for the recipient.

Peer-reviewing has provided me with some crucial insight into my own Digital Artifact work, as I analyze the excellence of my peers. Two crucial points for my Digital Artifact include being conservative surrounding my workload to help maintain interest in the topic, and not overburden myself with additional study and content creation. Secondly, the consequences of poor coherence and structure within our work can limit its overall effectiveness in communicating our message which is a vital component for informing people today about the potential risks of the future!

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Pitch Feedback Comments & DA Summaries

Grace and Sage Instagram AccountCharlie Taylor

Charlie’s Digital Artifact is an Instagram account where she will be creating Reels and other types of content surrounding the topic of Graphic Design in the future.

Will some records never be broken? TikTok Interviews Mackenzie Smith

Mackenzie will be predicting the possibilities of Sports Records being broken in the future, through his Digital Artifact of interviewing attendees at sports events which will be shared on his TikTok Account.

SCI-FI Movie Reviews Aleksandar Veselinovic

Aleksander’s SCI-FI Movie Review DA will be looking at the movies we engage in live-tweeting each week and providing review coverage on both his personal blog and posting graphics for his reviews on Instagram.

The Peer-Reviewing Self Reflection Experience

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