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#BCM325 – Digital Artefact Pitch – Implications of Artificial Intelligence on future Cultures



As previously discussed, I will be creating a blog series to explore the implications of Artificial Intelligence on key areas of interest in regards to fields I’m interested in and where I could see myself working in. My blog series will consist of fortnightly uploads in which I discuss possible futures which involve the possible positive and negative repercussions of Artificial Intelligence. I will be drawing on research from academic, scholarly, and popular news sources along with BCM325 class reading and science-fiction media to create an image of the future through my blog series.

Previous #BCM206 DA Blog Series

The audio and video portion of my blog will most likely take the form of digital versions of my blog where I will attempt to incorporate footage from relevant activities to the subject matter being discussed in the blogs, for example, footage of my wargaming as part of my participation in BCM300. While this content is a good start it will be important to share my progress of development along with engaging with social media groups in hopes of developing my feedback loop like previously mentioned.

Artificial Intelligence & Area of Interest Mindmap


Over 60 years ago, human’s experienced the birth of Artificial Intelligence, over that period however AI has not experienced similar levels of development compared to other fields conceptualised during the post-world-war period. Bell argues that all new technologies are fraught with consequences, and yet it is only after something has hit us hard that we set about dealing with it., which humans continue to fail to realise and implement into the development process of technological advancements. “AI is not in the future; it is already here,” explains Natalie Rens which raises the point that we cannot expect our future generations to plan, regulate and establish ethics surrounding AI, and because AI is already on our doorstep and with the lack of public democratic discussion this will most likely continue unless something terrible occurs.

Overall, the academic and scholarly sources surrounding artificial intelligence are well versed however, it is difficult to gather all the information on the subject, so my Digitial Artefact will act as a means of consolidating all relevant material into one place for the general mass public.

Production timeline

Below is my planned production timeline for my BCM325 Digital Artefact. Giving myself a fortnightly window of production of a single blog series is important to keep myself engaged with the course and remove the risk of burnout from overloading my plate with work with regard to BCM325 and my other subject commitments.

Throughout the weeks, I will be engaging with developing my persona by joining communities and discussions across platforms like Reddit, Discord, Facebook, and Twitter as a means of improving my understanding of the topic area. Outside the normal means of gathering research from academic, scholarly, and popular media sources. I’ve also situated 2 weeks of adversity planning to catch up on work if I fall behind because of my previously mentioned subject commitments in the recess and week 11-time slots.

BCM325 – Digital Artefact – Production Timeline

Reference LIST & Additional sources for potential use:

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Müller, V (2015) Risks of Artificial Intelligence [online] [Accessed: 15/03/2022]

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Moore, C (2019) BCM325 Future Cultures – Futures Thinking: Science Fiction [YouTube] [Accessed: 16/03/2022]

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Rens, N, and Leitner, J (2017) A survival guide for the coming AI revolution [online] [Accessed 17/03/2022]

Pazzanese, C (2020) Ethical concerns mount as AI takes bigger decision-making role in more industries [online] [Accessed 17/03/2022]

UNESCO (2022?) Artificial Intelligence: examples of ethical dilemmas [online] [Accessed 17/03/2022]

9 thoughts on “#BCM325 – Digital Artefact Pitch – Implications of Artificial Intelligence on future Cultures

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  1. Hi Jacob! Really interesting project. While I’m not particularly interested in things AI, your pitch video and accompanying contextual post were well presented and piqued my interest. As you indicated in your blog post, it’s something that is already on our doorstep and we need to plan ahead for the future, thus I think it’s a fantastic topic to research as a digital artefact.

    While I’d love to know about AI in wargaming, marketing and motor-sporting, I believe you have set yourself a challenge tackling a large issue made of 3 distinct research fields, each of which may be challenging to investigate and present to your audience within the given time frame. I’d recommend concentrating on one of these topics, such as war-games, which appears to be of interest to you especially, given that you will also have content of participation in wargaming from your BCM300 class which would be a cool element to embed in blog posts. If you narrowed your topic to a specific aspect AI is involved in like wargaming, you will be able to engage in a more niche audience. This would also aid you as it looks like you have a lot of work cut out for you with blog posts, YouTube videos and interacting on multiple platforms like Twitter and Reddit.

    You’ve included an excellent number of references and additional sources, so it appears like you have a plethora of research to draw on and bring together in your blog posts. As previously mentioned, I’m not a big A.I expert, so I went and did some of my own research so here’s a couple of things I found which could be useful to your DA: – this article would be interesting looking at wargaming and A.I, as it is by the RAND corporation which Chris brought up this week’s lecture! It looks at exploring weapon systems through using A.I in wargaming. – this recent article (2021) looks at the past and future of AI, which could be useful in exploring how the past can assist us in forecasting possible futures. It also mentions game-playing systems and AI which can relate to your topic on wargaming. – this article also looks at the future of AI. One comment I found interesting is that it mentions how because AI has entirely shaped systems like the stock market and financial analysis working alongside humans, it cannot be simply viewed as just a tool.

    Overall, really solid DA that has a lot of potential, and thank you for getting me interested in the world of AI. I hope my comments and sources can be useful, and I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Your DA is something that interests me as well. Artificial Intelligence is a great topic to look at when looking into the future. I’m sure you’ve also been a fan of the movies that we have watched in class as have I. It is always interesting to see how sci fi predicts that AI will eventually always be bad.

    You have already done a couple of blog posts which is good to see, and you are engaging in multiple communities which is also a must. However, the one thing I would like to see is the incorporation of some graphic images or video material as well for people that aren’t the biggest fans of reading like me.

    You mention that you want to explore AI in multiple different fields that you are interested in. Although that is good, do you think you are putting too much weight on your shoulders? Exploring AI in 4 different fields can be 4 separate projects. If it were down to me, I would only base it off of one and you mention a career in motor sport so maybe start there?

    Your Gantt chart is a great visual presentation of journey you will be going on. I like that you have given yourself some leeway in case you need some extra time or get swamped with other tasks. More people should do this and that includes me.

    Recommended reading for you:

    Express Computer 2020, ‘Acronis partners with Roborace to provide cyber protection support for the AI-Powered Motorsport Championship’, Express Computer.,contains,AI%20in%20motorsport&mode=basic

    This is a very interesting article I found about motorsport and AI. Basically, Acronis is a security company who has partnered with Roborace to provide easy, efficient, and secure AI-powered cyber protection solutions to the world’s first autonomous electric racing car competition. The article is only a 5-minute read and I think it is an interesting perspective on how much trust is being put on AI in your industry. Let me know what you think of it.

    Overall, I am excited to see how your project grows this semester. As I have mentioned, AI is a topic I am interested in to, and I will be following your work to see how it impacts on the industries that you have mentioned. Keep up the good work Jacob, you’ll smash it!

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  3. Hey! Apologies for the late comment!

    from the very start of your pitch, I could very easily see the connection and processes into future cultures and connections from lectures/seminars. Your methodology was clearly explained and made it really easy to read and listen which made it understandable in terms of the objective of your project.

    The mindmap you provided was a great addition to being able o recognise some of your ideas and thought processes and connected well to the timeline which was thorough and clear about how you want to progress the project. I think the fortnightly uploads are a really sustainable concept of giving yourself enough time to produce really good posts.

    Building this as an information outlet is a smart way to conduct the project as it allows a direct target audience to be discovered. Overall I think you demonstrated a clear understanding of the task and the future of your project. All discussions were backed up with relevant sources and referencing which furthered this.

    All great ideas and I can’t wait to see where you take this project!


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