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Welcome to my Contextual Report for my BCM206 Digital Artifact, in which I created Sim Racing liveries for Assetto Corsa Competizione.

Project Summary


My Digital Artefact has gone through a major change from Sim Racing Guides and now to Sim Racing Texture development work. I started my texture development DA for Arma 3 back in 2019 and 2020, and due to Arma 3’s last communities dying out, I decided I would position myself into a new thriving community of Sim Racing which has seen major growth alongside the Covid-19 pandemic.

Problem & Solution:

While making the switch to Sim Racing, I found that it has a very similar issue even though both share the similarity of a dedicated modding community, they both have a lack of Texture Developers. Due to the sim racing design creating a custom team to stand out from other drivers has always been a good means of positioning yourself in the competitive racing scene. As a result, users are forced to download a custom livery from different online sites or use basic designs provided by the game, which leads into my Digital Artefact social utility.

Social Utility:

Based on my research into this media niche, I have decided that I will be maintaining my YouTube channel in which I will be uploading a series of Texture Timelapse videos that showcase my speed art of custom liveries which will act as a source of education and short entertainment for people looking to create custom liveries. Through these videos, I will also develop my online persona in which I can be also accessible for commissions which will be useful for my audience looking for custom liveries for different games like F1 2021, Assetto Corsa, iRacing.  


I will be creating my videos with Photoshop, Premiere Pro, and OBS. Photoshop will allow me to create my custom liveries while recording my monitor with OBS. Once I have the full thing created and a small showcase presentation in-game. I can then edit it through Premiere Pro then release it to YouTube and share it across Twitter, Reddit, and Discord.

Learning Moments

Event 1: Content Production & Attention Economy

Over the semester, I have created 3 Texture timelapse videos, with one more already recorded and edited ready to be uploaded with one more still awaiting approval. Across BCM241, 215, and 206 I have found that the Attention Economy is truly present in these niche communities. Due to Sim Racing’s growth in players over the recent two years, it has seen a rise in content creators who are all vying for the scarce resource of attention.

Over my 3 videos, I have averaged 84 views while my 2 remaining Arma 3 texturing videos on my channel have an average of 206 views. This can be attributed to the fact that during my time creating content for my Arma 3 DA, I had already established an online presence within multiple communities. This allowed me to gain a decent early viewership which helped boost my videos with the YouTube algorithm leaving my texturing videos the larger audience once shared to Discords, Reddit, and Twitter. An extra note was my first video did significantly better than my second post, to which I made adjustments to the showcase of the livery as a result I transitioned back to the original video layout in hopes of repeating the success of my original upload going forward.

Another issue with content creation and the attention economy takes form in how I shared my content, it was important for me to find as many relevant sites, whereby I could share my work to build up my viewership as a result I targetted Twitter, Reddit, and Discord similar to my previous DA, I aimed to spread my content as far as possible. However, what I came to find again was that even though my impression on my posts was great on Reddit while lacking on Twitter, and Discord while across all 3 platforms a lack of actual engagement took place with only a few being interacted with.

Overall, I always want my videos to be engaging, and educational to help people learn from what I’m doing to improve their own work. But even though I believe I’m creating the content people want to watch they just simply aren’t taking the time to engage with the material. Arma 3’s community has gravitated towards music overlay of montages and other types of videos, and due to my success over there, I carried the same video concept to sim racing which was a mistake. During my autoethnographic research into this media niche, these montage type videos are extremely rare as such if I attempt this DA concept going forward I may attempt doing commentaries over my livery time-lapses which could hopefully improve engagement as I build my persona through my videos and engagement with social media platforms I share my work to.

Event 2: Monetisation

The largest aspect of my social utility is monetisation, as such, it has been important to understand ways to incorporate it into my work. During my DA BETA, I discussed two possible routes being joining a community and working with a team, or being independent and setting up my own online shop from which I can properly sell my services. Since then, I have decided to remain independent and offer my services to allow me to keep my individuality. Therefore, I started advertising my services alongside my work as I posted to Discord and Reddit in the hopes of building my online presence and establishing my brand as a texture developer open for commissions.

However, over the semester I did not receive a single request for commissions compared to my original Arma 3 DA. Which is a major disruption to my overall social utility for my project. This most likely can be attributed to the lack of engagement with my material to understand what I was creating and offering to the community. Along with this, I failed to properly involve myself within the community outside of posting my content, which like previously mentioned was the reason my Arma 3 DA, was in a sense more successful, as a larger audience knew they were going to see a well-made texture coming from a reliable source. Going Forward, I will need to find ways to include myself within the community more, this will include creating more content, engaging with other users’ posts, and like previously mentioned creating a new type of livery creation styled content.

Future of Monetisation

With the rise of NFT and the blockchain could provide me with a great route of selling my textures going into the future. ‘CyrptoPunks’ has seen an extremely profitable climb in the NFT space with their Avatars being bought for hundreds of thousands of dollars by content creators around the world. These ‘CyrptoPunks’ adopt the mindset of [FIST] Fast, inexpensive, simple, and tiny as they have a really simple pixel art design similar to games like Carrier Command 2. Due to the concept my videos are in which I create ‘speed art’ it allows me to get liveries made at a much faster pace as I don’t stress over nut and bolt. Which could allow me to create multiple NFTs at an extremely fast pace to build an online library of options for sale.

Final Remarks

Thanks for following my journey, through this Digital Artefact if you have any feedback please feel free to comment below and I will make sure to have a read! If you have not please check out my YouTube Channel to see some of the livery work from this semester or some other work from previous classes! Cheers!

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