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Peer Review & Self Reflection – BCM241 – Second Round!

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This is the second round of peer reviews and self-reflection that we have had to complete during our BCM241 and BCM215 subjects. Through these Peer Reviews, it has been an eye-opening experience into how diverse our cohort is while being an enjoyable reading experience as they showcase how passionate they are about their selected media niches. This is my 3rd time, that I have completed peer-reviews in the 200 Levels of subjects so my improvements are only based on what I discovered during my time reviewing students work in the DA pitch assignments of BCM241 and 215

Peer Projects – Brief Introduction

Misha – Marketing PR Society

Misha’s DA, is that of her involvement in the marketing and PR Society, where she is running multiple social media channels as a means to encourage involvement during the time of Covid-19.

Link to BETA:

Bianca – Conspiracy Corner

Bianca and her friend Lauren have created a podcast titled ‘Conspiracy Corner’, in which they investigate many different types of conspiracies. However, they have gravitated towards ‘childhood ruining’ conspiracies that look at medias from Disney, and other children networks.

Link to BETA:

Sophia – Happy Hour

Sophia’s Happy hour podcast is an “investigation into lifestyle and culture podcasts created by women and their effect and contribution to feminism in the modern day age.” (Dever, 2021)

Link to BETA:

Self-Reflection on Peer Feedback!

Since, my time doing peer-reviews of student pitches, I have continued with my three core feedback sections being positive, negative and additional sources. I believe that this is the best form of feedback as it allows me to be “respectful, and show empathy” (Gannon, 2021) through my feedback, which will hopefully be transformative in nature to encourage the adoption rather than the feeling of being “‘attacked’, ‘put down’, ‘damned’ and generally invalidated as a person” (UTS, 2021).

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Overall, I think the feedback I provided was well thought-out and communicated, and I’m looking forward to seeing how the students incorporate some of the ideas I raised. I really enjoy providing peer feedback as it is an opportunity to be on the other end of the process, which allows me to gain a deeper understanding of the marking process on an assignment.

Reflecting on peer feedback!

I received a decent amount of peer feedback from my pitch video and blog, which were extremely informative and helped shape my BETA post. One of the primary concerns raised was that of making sure I stuck closely to the marking criteria of the assignment. Because of this, when the beta rolled around I made sure that I followed the marking criteria as best as I could!

I’ve only had one comment for my beta but on its own is extremely informative and positive, which is extremely reassuring. The comment goes into detail about how engaging my content is, and how I have effectively responded to feedback and the building of my persona. The comment raises the point that I could include tags or categories in my blog posts (Which I did but didn’t understand how to display them). Overall, I’m extremely happy with the outcome of my comments and including my peer feedback into my work going forward!

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