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Peer Review & Self Reflection – BCM215 – Second Round!

Audio Version:

This is the second round of peer review, and self reflection that we have had to complete during the BCM215 and BCM241 subjects. This experience has been an eye opening one, as entire cohort of students explore their own unique taste in game media which has been a satisfying to watch. This is my 4th and final time, that I will have to complete peer-reviews for my time in 200 Level Classes at UOW, so this will hopefully mean that this round of comments will be the best I have ever written!

Peer Projects – Brief Introduction

Luke – Arcadetics

Luke and his friend Caitlin, have created a Instagram account named Arcadetics in which they look at a diverse range of video games and their design!

Link to BETA:

Iz – Twitch Streams

For Iz’s DA, she has created her Twitch Channel whereby she will be playing games, and exploring how women are portrayed and represented in these video games she is playing.

Link to BETA:

Oryem – Simulate the World

Oryem’s DA is centred around The Sims franchise in which he has created a YouTube Channel and TikTok channel, to post different types of content like Memes, Creating famous people in game, and checking out new mods!

Link to BETA:

Self-Reflection on Peer Feedback!

Again, my comments were split into two to three paragraphs, covering 2 different aspects of their projects being the positives and the negatives in regards to the marking criteria, and one or two additional sources where I saw fit, these included the likes of tools like canva, or ShareX. Academic sources that applied to their game media, or additional hubs for which they could share their content in hopes of encouraging growth within their DA.

Photo by Burst on

The importance of being “realistic, specific, and timely” (UTS, 2021) were all highlighted during these feedback comments as I made sure my feedback was relevant to the DA at the time, and what is required going forward in the subject. Showing empathy and being respectful was also extremely important as saying things like “This is as hard for me as it is for you” (Gannon, 2021) can be very disrespectful and come off as an attack which is important to avoid.

Reflecting on peer feedback!

For my BCM215 Pitch video, I received two feedback comments which were highly detailed and provided a wide range of sources and tips for future assessment tasks. A few things of note were in regards to the marking criteria and in particular the time limits of the components. Because of this I have made sure I followed closely to the marking criteria as best of my ability. With both my BETA Blog and Video being extremely close to the maximum limits.

My Beta for BCM215, currently has 4 peer comments which are extremely vital for my DA going forward, with advice for new types of content to post, how to share my content across different platforms. Overall the feedback I have received over the past two assignments and the feedback I have given to my peers is a great example of the importance of peer-reviewing as a means of understanding the process of reviewing others but in turn our own work.

Reference list!

Gannon, B (2021) How To Give Effective Peer-To-Peer Feedback In The Workplace [online] [Accessed 14/10/2021]

University of technology Sydney (2021) Giving and Receiving Feedback: A Guide to the Use of Peers in
Self Assessment
[online] [Accessed 14/10/2021]

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