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Apex Legends: Road to Apex Predator!

If this is your first time visiting my blog, I recommend you visit my BCM206 pitch to get somewhat caught up with what my Digital Artefact is. I’ve made a few adjustments which I will be discussing through this blog before posting my first official episode tomorrow, in which I show you my climb from Gold to Platinum.

New Digital Artefact Concept

After receiving feedback on my pitch for this subject, I’ve decided to take another approach for my DA, rather than looking at multiple different games and what skills are developed within those games, I want to document my experience and progression as I climb through the ranks of Apex Legends. Through this DA, I will be carrying over the majority of my original analytical framework in terms of what skills I’m heavily depending on during each rank tier may it be cognitive, leadership, communication, or game sense. Along with this, I will be looking at exploring the difficulty of Apex Legends and with it being a Battle Royale which is known for its competitive gameplay, this will be the first time since 2014 in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive that I try to climb a ranked ladder. During the time since 2014, I moved away from competitive shooters for more story-driven/roleplay games which will allow me to analysis the enjoyment of both genres which will allow me to consider if I want to try this series again possibly in another title or if I will focus more on story-driven games in the future.

IGN Review of Apex Legends – Courtesy of :

On September the 28th, Apex Legends ranked leagues experienced the start of its second split in which all players dropped down 1.5 tiers, which means myself a Diamond 4 player were lowered back to Gold 2. I have decided I’m going to make the final climb to Apex Predator which is the top 750 player in the game. This is my second split with the first being the one that just ended, and considering my ability to climb to the top 5% in the world, If I can put more time into developing my skills, with training aids like Aim lab (which I will discuss later) and learning to build up my leadership skills in conjunction with my game sense, I believe I will be able to come to the .8% of Apex players in the Apex Predators. An important aspect of this climb will be to hopefully find multiple people in which I can queue up with and rely on to make that final push from Diamond into Masters. Without a reliable team, this journey may be doomed from the get-go.

Apex Legends Ranks – Courtesy of :

Aim Lab

Since this series is going to be following my journey as I progress up the rank ladder, I thought it would be good to include a simple benchmark of my cognitive skills which I can then repeat at the end of the series and see if any improvement was made. In regards to the other skills, I will be looking at like leadership, game sense, and communication will be looked at in tomorrow’s blog in which I will document my climb through Gold into Platinum with 3 Games that will be edited to highlight the experience of this rank tier.

Aim Lab allows you to complete tasks that aline with either a game title or skill. I took it upon myself to do the tasks that Apex Legends heavily depends on. These fall under the categories of Flicking (‘Gridshot’), Tracking (‘ReactiveTrack’), Speed and Precision (‘Spidershot’), and lastly cognition and perception (‘Decisionshot’).

Throughout the tasks, it’s clear I have a decent ability to remain accurate throughout the full duration, but I lack reaction time, in which I find myself overcorrecting to make sure I hit the target or hold the crosshair on the target. Because of this, I’m going to focus heavily on being in close-quarters fighting which will help me with building up my reaction time due to the speed at which the engagements take place. As I continue to train my reaction time, my accuracy will see a certain drop-off but over time, It will slowly improve as my ability to track targets also improves. Overall, I’m pretty happy with these results as they were my first attempts recorded after playing a few games of Apex to simulate my average skill during a usual play session.


Thanks for reading the introduction blog post to my up-and-coming series: Road to Pred. Keep your eyes out on my website, or subscribe to either work, alternatively, you can follow me on Twitter as I will be tweeting whenever I upload content to my website. Tomorrow, you should see my first full blog post as I move from Gold to Platinum so make sure you stay tuned. Feel free to leave any comments across my socials if you have any questions about this series, or want any advice. I’d be extremely happy to answer or help!


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