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Peer Review and Critical Self-Reflection – BCM215

Similar to my previous post for BCM241, I will be looking at the feedback I provided to students in the BCM215 – Game Media Industries concerning their Digital Artefact project pitch. I completed these comments after performing BCM241, so after my critical self-reflection of that feedback, I was able to apply what I learned over to this subject.


For the structure of my comments, I have split up the areas of interest into 3 different paragraphs, exploring a different area of the marking criteria. These paragraphs were split into the positives, negatives, and additional material/sources. I believe that this formula of marking provides the most satisfactory experience for students, as it explores the positives first, quickly by the negatives, then back to improvements, or helpful content. This will help with the flow of the feedback through the different stages to distinctly point out what they did well versus what they did wrong.

Comment breakdown

I have decided to break down one comment into greater detail which will allow you to explore the concepts brought up and compare them with the previous comments above. I decided to look at Candace Zalloua’s pitch exploring the representation of females in the game industry, by creating a card game focused on a female demographic. For the positives, I explored her use of the analytical framework, coherence, and engagement with the course material which she did admirably well. I also brought up a situation occurring that relates to her topic being The Activision Blizzard lawsuit where claims are being made about female discrimination in the workplace.

Following, this I moved on to the negatives, in which I found two main issues, One being her schedule plan, which was extremely broad and packed with work. I provided insight into a method of splitting up the workload to ease the chance of burnout, One week being the concept and resource creation like storyboards, character design, and rules, Next week is a blog post showcasing the development and research surrounding the project. The second issue was sharing, which she didn’t make note of, I recommended that she shares her work across all social media platforms to help improve traction and feedback from her audience for the development cycle.

Lastly, I provided a blog idea surrounding character design by sharing an academic source looking at Mass Effect, along with League of Legends, around the representation of women in games. This should allow Candace to explore the discourse surrounding her project, which will help in the process of developing the concept for her card game.


I’m extremely happy with this round of feedback comments, as I was able to act upon my own self-reflection from BCM241 and apply to these comments. By giving both resources to build their digital artefact, and also including academic sources I would have hoped to provide a different angle of view on their Digital Artefact. I will continue to refine the structure of my comments throughout the semester but right now I’m happy with the layout so far. One thing I could improve on in the future is the detail, because we were not given a word limit I didn’t want to go extremely overboard with the comments. In the future, I will ask for advice on word count which may allow me to add more additional resources and provide more application of the marking criteria on the student’s work. Doing comments has provided me with a new lens to look through in regards to my own assignments, as I will now be exploring the marking criteria more closely and seeking assistance when I’m struggling with a certain aspect of said criteria.


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