BCM215 – DA PITCH – Exploring FPS games and skill development

Relevance to users – More depth

Like I mentioned in my pitch video (please watch it prior to reading my blog post) I have decided to spilt it up the Like I mentioned in my pitch video (please watch it prior to reading my blog post) I have decided to split up the relevance to my users by creating three categories of who I believe will be interested in my work and through this, it will allow me to frame my content in such a way to make sure I’m meeting the required standards for this type of audience. Firstly, for Gamers, I want my blogs to be short and to the point, as viewership retention can be quite short, and through my blogs, I want to make sure that my content is raising awareness of the type of skills that can be developed to encourage this audience to reconsider why they play video games and work towards improving their skills while gaming.

For journalists, I want to aim at engaging with the discourse surrounding violent video games, in hopes of raising awareness of the good that video games can have on its young audience. This will hopefully be a good resource for journalists as they seek information on the topic as I will act as a paratext by including scholarly sources and popular articles surrounding video games effect on skill development and this will hopefully reduce the chances of journalists posting negatives content on video games and continuing to degrade its reputation in the mainstream media.

And lastly, Employers and Educators. I really want to focus on this aspect because games have shown to be an effective learning aid and as such, it should be adopted more often in both the education world and the workplace to help encourage new methods of engagement. This will go hand-in-hand with normalising employers to accept games as an applicable area of skill development when recruiting new employees similar to what the military has done in the past.

Example Scholarly Sources on the topic

Frontiers. (2017). “Video games can change your brain: Studies investigating how playing video games can affect the brain have shown that they can cause changes in many brain regions.” [Online @ ScienceDaily.com] http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2017/06/170622103824.htm [Accessed: 21/08/2021]

This is a very fundamental post located on the science daily website which explores the base level ideas surrounding the concept of video games’ effect on the brain. The study explores how video games change the way the brain regions for attention and visuospatial skills are responsible and are able to improve the effectiveness of these regions. Video games are a relatively type of media so research into this area is very basic, so this source from 2017 will be a good introduction into the ideas and research methods that I will continue to see being used throughout my future research.

Gentile, D and Gentile, J (2005) “Violent Video Games as Exemplary Teachers” [Online] https://link-springer-com.ezproxy.uow.edu.au/article/10.1007/s10964-007-9206-2 [Accessed: 22/08/2021]

This source explores the ways violent video games are able to teach new skills when done correctly, this will be important in sharing my view of the situation to both my audience of gamers and journalists by showcasing examples of successful trials of skill development. While this shows the positive it also shows the negatives if not done correctly which will be important in keeping my perspective grounded in reality as it’s obvious that video games do indeed have negative effects if the user isn’t taking the proper measures to reduce the risk of exposure to negative risks such as developing violent habits, and other mental and physical wellbeing issues and complications. Through this I will be able to design my work in line with the reality of the situation and creditable unbiased for all three of my audience groups.

Rounding out

Thanks again for watching and reading my pitch, I hope you continue to follow me as I produce content this semester, and please feel free to leave any feedback that you may have on my content or pitch proposal, Thanks again!

6 thoughts on “BCM215 – DA PITCH – Exploring FPS games and skill development

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  1. Hi Jacob! You’ve created a really in depth pitch video and blog post, which covers all the areas of the learning assessment criteria including a good production schedule and analytical framework. I like the approach you are taking thinking about the skills developed by playing FPS games.

    One little nit-picky thing that I think might be good to remember for the future is it looks like the blog post and video are both over the 250 words + 2 min video, so it might be good to just make sure you stick to the assessment parameters (it is hard with such as small word count). Maybe you could have included less detail in your blog about the audience? Either way just something to remember for future.

    I think your inclusion of some example scholarly sources in the post was good to show you’re already looking into research out there. Maybe somewhere in your future research and analysis you could incorporate concepts mentioned in the subject materials like looking into the military industrial complex and the military entertainment complex (mentioned in the week 3 lecture). Here’s an article I found that could help your research if you wanted to go in this direction: https://www.redpepper.org.uk/the-spoils-of-playing-war/ . It looks at the MIC/MEC in a few example games as well as the relationship between the military and the gaming industry. You could look at this through maybe your concept of the environment in your analytical lens – how have these games been designed for individual play or team work online, and is this intentional for potential military purposes? Are they being played in the environmental way the developers thought they would be? Not sure if that makes sense but either way you should really look into the MIC/MEC for your project.

    I also looked into some articles regarding the skills you are going to be looking at which I think may be helpful in your research:
    https://www.forbes.com/sites/jordanshapiro/2013/11/27/4-reasons-video-games-are-good-for-your-health-according-to-american-psychological-association/?sh=81725213a009 – this article looks at 4 reasons video games are good for your health, one being the cognitive benefits of first person shooters, which is exactly one of the skills you are looking at.
    https://www.researchgate.net/publication/220879225_Verbal_coordination_in_first_person_shooter_games – this is an in depth scholarly article that looks at verbal communication and coordination in FPS games which I also think you may like to look at for your project since this is another skill you’ll be looking into.

    Hopefully some of these suggestions and sources are helpful to you. I’m interested to see your findings and conclusions on this topic. Nice work on the pitch!


  2. I love the theme of your digital artifact and completely support the analytical framework selection looking forward to the content


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