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BCM206 – Future Networks Digital Artefact Pitch – Sim Racing

Welcome to the second half of my DA pitch for BCM206, through this blog I will be exploring some key points that I missed in my pitch video due to the time limit (Please watch it first if you have not).

Types of content

I plan to upload multiple types of content to YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter. For YouTube it will act as my hub for my ‘Keep on Pace’ Guides, while Instagram and Twitter will be aimed at bringing engagement from other social media platforms to my YouTube by posting snippets, engaging with #hashtags, and creating memes. One thing I didn’t touch on in the video, was the consideration of including fitness and awareness content, as I prepare for the live fearless challenge, this would be posted on Instagram, and Crohn’s and colitis Australia has shown interest in sharing that type of content if I do decide to start posting. This could be something I explore alongside my sim racing which would really fit the bill of Fast, Inexpensive, Simple, and Tiny (FAST)

Sim racing demographic

When making a tutorial it’s important to consider your audience, to make sure the material is going to be clearly understood by the people it’s intended for. Because of this, I have constructed a sim racer start pack, which will help me accurately target the correct use of this very diverse demographic of audiences. Through this starter pack, you can see game titles ranging from entry-level to competitive-level along with different stages of equipment from keyboard and controllers to entry-level steering wheels to the high-end true-to-life setups. By understanding this it will allow me to frame my content to target the correct people which will not only help with the overall effectiveness of my videos but positive outcomes from the information I’m sharing.

Rounding off

I hope you follow me in this journey not only for my sim racing content but if you’re interested in seeing some fitness content, and my experience through the Live fearless challenge I’d love for you to let me know in the comments below or on my Twitter @ix_suter!

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