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BCM212 -Understanding Research Practice was one of the hardest subjects I think I’ve done so far in uni, and so as a result I think I’ve done pretty good considering the circumstances. Obviously, I’ve made my fair share of silly mistakes throughout the process but with saying that I think my final assignment for the course went pretty great in the grand scheme of things. But with every assignment completed their is also bound to be some reflection on how I could have improved.

Firstly, I want to look at the research period of my assignment. I think fundamentally 30 responses for my survey and 3 for my interview were what I had expected going into the project. However, I wasn’t able to conduct a bit of research I mentioned in my method in the second assignment which was testing peoples memory by having them read some information (one group with music and one group without music) I felt like if I was able to put this into practice It would have been the nail in the coffin to support my opinion of the subject. However, this didn’t go to plan and due to conflicting assignments, I was unable to set this up.

One big thing I really wanted to do for this final project, which was to make the 2-minute video, I’m a really visual person and I love to make videos for projects whenever I can. The only issue was the time limit on the video, I feel like an opinion piece is good at the set word limit of 700 to 1000 as it gives you a good amount of room to present all your research, and present your arguments in an orderly and well-paced manner. Trying to fit all my ideas into a 2-minute long video seemed like an undoable task sadly even though I tried extremely hard to shave down my opinion piece down as short as I could I was unable to get it down past 3-minutes.

In conclusion besides these 2 setbacks if you can call them that, I feel like my overall research project has stayed pretty on course with none of the risks I had raised causing any issues and I followed my Gantt Chart as closely as I could. I’m satisfied and also disappointed with my overall commitment to the course and I look forward to using my knowledge gained from this course in my future semesters here at the University of Wollongong, but also when I move into a career later down the road.

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