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For my research topic for BCM212, I want to explore the innovations brought on by Formula One and how they have been integrated into our everyday lives.

“How has Formula One’s innovations made our lives simpler, safer and more efficient, and why supporting Formula One is important.”

Drive to Survive: Season 3 Trailer

Formula One is just not the pinnacle of motorsports, it is one of the largest Research and development powerhouses, and it’s competitors innovations to keep competitive often leads to it’s adoption into our everyday lives from car technology, to life saving medical equipment and WIFI and broadband networks. I wanted to leave my research question broad at this point to allow myself to find and study a large majority of the data before narrowing down on a more straightforward research topic.

Formula One may not interest many people, and sadly the sports has been slowly losing viewership over the last 10 years, but with the help of the new Netflix series ‘Drive to Survive’ has brought a new young audience to the sport, supported by new regulations like the spending cap of 150 Million Euros, will hopefully bring the sport back to a more fair playing field allowing for a more entertaining experience for the audience reviving the sports success. Hopefully with this influx of viewership we will continue to support Formula One allowing it to function as one of the largest RnD groups in the world!

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