Digital Artifact | Contextual Essay

Project Summary

My Digital Artefact for BCM114 is a continuation of my original BCM112 Project and is split up into 2 components being my Texture development and Timelapse videos. Since 2013 I’ve been playing a game called Arma 3 which is driven by the modding community, therefor as you play you meet new people you often gain insight into the background of how these mods are created. During my time I found myself learning about Texture development and over that time I’d become somewhat proficient. Consequently, I decided to continue to create my textures but also upload time lapse-videos displaying the method of production for prospective developers.

My social utility is heavily defined throughout the duration of the project. The two audiences that I had researched before continuing with my Digital Artifact were found on Youtube, and Arma 3. Through my time researching, I saw a demand for texture developers to help produce content for Arma 3, while I could also help people learn how it’s done via my videos.

Feedback from last years Digital Artifact

My production method utilizes the developmental strategy of #FIST, With my two core software being Photoshop, and Premiere Pro I was able to create, Fast, inexpensive, simple, and tiny texture work at an extremely fast pace which allows me to access as much feedback as I possibly can with consistent production over the duration of a video or textures development life stage.

Learning experiences

Learning Experience #1: Monetisation

Monetization is a fundamental component of my social utility and after doing investigations into ways to improving the monetization of my project I found, I could also be expanding my online presence much more via becoming a “somewhat” full-time developer for Arma 3 Communities. Therefore I decided to put applications into servers and was accepted for two. Overall this transition from freelancer to somewhat “full time” will help me grow and gain experience in a more team-focused environment giving me the ability to use these communities as references for future job applications and if I decide to transition back to a freelance dev with my own website I’ll be able to have more evident creditable experience. As a side note, it will also help with the spread of my Youtube channels content which leads to the next learning experience.

(I only monetize work of my own creation. Creations that have other companies copyrighted/trademarked material I.E logos, and other branding are not monetized and are rather passion projects for my love for designing textures around a companies design and for the purpose of education and submitting assignments.)

New developer role in the Olympus Community

Learning Experience #2: Editing and Reach

An important learning experience during my DA’s development was the editing and spread of my Timelapse content on Youtube. Through the development of my DA, I utilized the theory of Fail early, fail often to make sure I could learn early about my audience’s needs and wants when I produced my content and find the issues with my production loop early and its distribution. Firstly, The method of editing throughout my DA was drastically changed and adapted as I gained feedback from my audience. I made a mistake and treated my Timelapse videos like my older montage videos which on their own did pretty well but what I found was people didn’t enjoy this more high octane experience when watching evident by the viewer retention and watch time. Because of this, I took inspiration from the skate world aesthetic, in terms of music and how I laid out my videos. Overall this proved extremely successful and helped with learning how different aesthetics and editing styles affect video content.

Implementing new Aesthetics

A minor learning experience was the distribution of videos. Over the period of my DA, I learnt the importance of finding new places to spread my content to. By analyzing my videos analytics I was able to determine that the majority of my viewers were coming from Discord but a small minority was coming from small arma forums because of this I decided to advertise my work on not only discord but forums and other platforms which significantly improved the overall performance of my video in the early hours of the videos upload! Along with this, I found that the most popular type of Texture was that of brand companies like Adidas, Nike, Off white, Supreme, etc, compared to creating a new design which is an interesting factor as inspiration from the real world is adopted in the game environment.


In closing, Continuing this Digital Artifact was really enjoyable, I learnt alot about how an audiences feedback can help with improving my projects content. Thanks for following my content and hopefully you’ll enjoy what I continue to create in the future!

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