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Contextual essay

Project Summary.

“Hyperreality is a concept that is defined by the inability of consciousness to distinguish reality from a simulation of reality. “What is Hyperreality

My Digital Artefact is a Cinematic video that displays my coding and editing skills. Along with this, I’ve done a bit of texturing work for a community so I’ve added that with my Artefact as it works hand in hand with my current Digital Artefact. With my digital artifact, I gained major inspiration from not only smaller content creators like (GAMMOVIES, KRINGLES PRINGLES) but also larger Visual Effects companies like Blur Studios have influenced how and why I created my cinematic video. They have been able to create a hyper-reality experience throughout their work which I’m extremely fascinated with.

Blur Studios CGI & VFX Breakdown “Titanfall 2”

On the other hand, I gained inspiration from individuals like Nevbox who provide a great insight into texture work and editing which really drove my interest in getting back into and understanding photoshop, etc. The purpose of my digital artifact is to create a solid portfolio of work that can be used to boost my employability in the fields of film, game development, Visual effects. etc. My project has strong elements of the hyperreality ideas. Through my Artefact, I have created a synthetic digital environment that closely emulates our reality. My project has gone somewhat well with the inclusion of the texturing work along with my cinematic. But due to certain circumstances that won’t be discussed here has had a major impact on how well my cinematic was finished

Important learning moments

Event 1 – Texturing Development

As stated above and in my beta, Over the last few weeks, I’ve gained an opportunity to create textures for an extremely popular gaming community. Because of this, It’s consumed a lot of my time as I’ve been required to meet deadlines for server updates, etc. Due to this and how big the community is I’ve decided to create a video that shows off the full development cycle of creating a full texture set.

This video has done extremely well in regards to watching time and Subscribers, likes, and sharing though it lacks views that’s what I expected.

Because I was being paid to create these textures my main concept of my DA took kind of a back seat as I not only enjoyed the texturing work a lot more and because my computer was having issues with running Arma 3 which really hurt my ability to do my cinematic video. I wanted the video to go for around 5 minutes but it goes for 10 minutes which hurts the views as people don’t really want to watch a speed-up video of me creating textures. Because of this, I will reduce the length of the videos in the future. I learned through this was that people that watch my content enjoy this kind of content along with this Hopefully with this kind of video on my channel I may be able to get further work experience in this kind of field which was one of my first major goals in creating this kind of Digital Artifact.

Event 2 – Cinematic Development

During the development of my Cinematic Trailer, A new Arma 3 DLC was released which sparked my interest in the new content because of this I decided that I no longer wanted to use the original scenes that I had created for my original cinematic trailer. Also with this, my main plan for my cinematic trailer didn’t have a storyline rather just a bit of action but because of this, I lost interest in that type of video. The new Scenes that I created (With only one being shown in the video due to issues discussed later) It goes through a story of special forces soldiers attacking a facility with an alien-like object in the ground. Due to the recent rise in popularity of Aliens due to the recent Arma 3 DLC I thought I’d jump on the bandwagon and create my video around that idea. Overall I had planned for my Cinematic trailer to go for around 1 minute to 2 minutes which I ended up achieving but sadly not up to the quality I had planned for and due to me taking on the Texturing work and some personal issues (That will remain disclosed to the public) I was unable to add my second scene and edit the video up to a quality that I had originally planned for.

Arma 3: Contact DLC Trailer

Overall, by creating new scenes that were more in line with the want of the public I would be able to gain a larger viewing audience who are searching for this kind of content, and maybe with that possible work experience could come from it may it be in the Texturing development field or the Cinematic or coding industries.

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