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Internet paradigm IV: Hyperreality, Simulation, Spectacle

“The Allegory of the cave by Plato should not be taken at face value.”


One of the most interesting topics of Week’s 9s lecture is the ‘Allegory of the Cave’ theory created by Plato an Athenian philosopher that lived from around 430 to believed 340 BC. It’s extremely interesting in the fact that this theory can be and has been applied to our current day society with accessing and consuming media.

Modern-day Example of Plato’s ‘Allegory of the Cave’ – Source:

One of the modern-day examples of Plato’s Cave theory today is that the majority of the earth’s population often consumes news and information from one or two major mainstream media outlets. Some of these mainstream outlets are for example Prime 7, Win NEWS, CNN, MTV, etc. The issue with using only mainstream media is that most if not all have an underlying agenda and takes a specific perspective on situations that suit their consumer needs and wants, because of this people are consumed by mainstream media’s views and are blind to the outside world and other perspectives about specific events. One example is the “Syrian boys body washed ashore” Everybody took this story at face value but after people did research they found more information about why the boy was going across the Mediterranean sea being his father wanted a good dentist so they were leaving Turkey for better dental, rather than fleeing because their life was at risk. This is an extremely effective example of Plato’s theory in a current-day issue.

Modern Mainstream Media (MMM)
Example of different perspectives on the same situation. – Source:

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