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Hardware Platforms, Access Permissions and Ideologies of Control

Open Vs Closed Source Software.

Open source software and closed source software is a very interesting debate about the access of software and control of content. Both types of software hold their key differences from Cost, Service, Innovation, Usability, and Security. For Open source software can be seen as the more productive method of developing software since it is open source anybody has access to it and can add and develop their own improvements to the software though the security of open source software is extremely bad due to it not being a monitored process like a closed in house software developed by a company like Apple, Microsoft, Sony etc.

On the other hand the cost be smaller for a open source software developer like android as they owners of android can utilize the publics work to improve their main branch of software that is used for the wider audience on phones etc. Though a open source software relies heavily on a loyal fan base ot be able to deliver support to other users via social media platforms like blogs, forums, Youtube etc.

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