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Collective Intelligence And Networked Participation

Networked Participation and Collective Intelligence is a fundamental experience seen all throughout our social media platforms. From Twitter, Twitch, Facebook, Youtube, Reddit and many like them they all share a common practice, User participation. Without this fundamental component all of these social media outlets would be not be as successful or even around for today if it was no a artibute.

Twitch is a prime example. Users are given the option and are often encouraged to interact in the streams. This method of live feedback is very interesting and can help develop the platform in a positive way. Twitch and it’s adoption of Networked Participation has made it one of the most popular and most successful live streaming platforms even to the point of being purchased by Jeff bezos the Billionaire behind Amazon.

An example of Collective Intelligence is Wikipedia. Wikipedia being a open encyclopedia which allows users to create pages on anything they may or not have knowledge of from WW2 battles to plant species. Wikipedia has become a wealth of knowledge but the issue of collective intelligence appears with the ability for any user of the internet to access and manipulate thousands upon thousands of pages of information some of that information is bound to be incorrect. Wikipedia is also heavily criticized by academic individuals for it’s unreliable information.

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